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January 23rd

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January 26th

New Mexico Backpackers Meetup Meseta de Ricardo

January 30th

<place holder>

February 2nd

Rio del Oso to South Dune Mountain Recon

February 6th

<place holder>

February 9th

Ojito East Loop

February 13th

<place holder>

February 16th

New Mexico Backpackers Piedra Lisa Loop

February 20th

<place holder>

February 23rd

Chama Wilderness: Ojito Canyon to Mesa 7269 (Not on Meetup)

February 27th

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March 2nd

Ghost Ranch 360 for People Only

March 6th

<place holder>

March 9th

NM Backpackers Meseta de Ricardo

March 13th

<place holder>

March 16th

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March 22nd – 25th

Bears Ears Backpack: Step and Pine Canyons Loop (Not on Meetup)

<place holder>

April 3rd

Red Wash and Copper Canyons, Dragon Ridge, Las Minas Jimmie (2 Required Plus Host)

April 7th

Sierra Negra

April 18 – 21st

New Mexico Backpackers Bears Ears

April 27th

Borrego – Rio Molino

May 11th

Sandias: Cienaga – Oso Corredor Loop