January 14, 2017

The following information was obtained by member Daisy Levine from state archeological records: The name of the pueblo is Ojo del Zorro. It was surveyed in 1934 and again by the BLM in the 1990’s. It has 30 to 50 rooms and was occupied from the 1300’s to 1400’s. Thanks Daisy for this information.

Six of us went to the pueblo today. Myself, JB, Diane, Ted, and the dogs Pesta and Raven. We had a wee bit of trouble finding the trail head. The hike itself is fabulous. You move up a gently sloping arroyo through bad lands. The arroyo turns into a canyon higher up. When you top out, the ruin is immediately visible in the most prominent and spectacular location. The ruin itself is located on a very precipitous high point. One side is a sheer drop. I have visited many pueblos in New Mexico but have never seen one as tall as this. It was at least five stories at one time. This makes sense given the tight space to build in.

There were a couple of pot hunting holes of uncertain age. Probably pretty old based on the beer can we found. A room was visible on the side of one of the holes. We did not see many artifacts lying around. This is mostly likely caused by the steep slopes of the ruin itself and slopes leading up. Ceramics and lithics wash away.

This is a trip you come on for both the views and the archaeology. One or both will make it very much worth your time.

Photos will be submitted later. I forgot my camera and I don’t know if anyone else is going to post. Didn’t get the trip mileage either but I think around 6 miles and 700 – 900 feet.

Note: Photos taken for this trip were lost. A visit in March, 2017 contains photos that can be viewed here.