Being able to do the hike from the Cerro Gordo Dale Ball Trailhead to the top of Picacho Peak in about one hour will prepare you for most of the hikes we do. This is the uphill portion only and is only hike time. Water stops don’t count.  If you have to stop and bend over for breath, you are deconditioned enough to skip a hike until you get some training in.  I’m not too concerned about how long it takes you to get back down. If you are new to hiking with us, you may be asked if you can do that hike as described.  You won’t have to prove it to us. Your word is your bond. Your safety and the safety and enjoyment of others may depend upon it so please don’t fudge if you are asked. The one-hour goal is not an absolute but you should strive for that in order to enjoy most (but not all) of our hikes.

Note that I currently do not have an ABQ standard hike yet but will post when I get one.

The hike is about 4 miles round trip and 1227 feet of ascent. This is a tough, short hike but the one-hour goal is not unreasonable for most people who are regular hikers.  Following is a route and map for the hike along with maps to both the trailhead and the hike itself although there are plenty of resources online describing it.

Trailhead Map