May 31, 2017

This hike was led by Tom Morrison and was attended by Tom Justus and myself. It is an excellent combination of local trails that starts near 10,000 Waves resort and takes trail 399 to the intersection of the Windsor Trail near Bishops Lodge. It then goes upstream to the Chamisa Trail (133) and intersects with the unnumbered Saddleback Trail. We end up intersecting trail 399 to finish the route. Weather started out warm and humid and ended up cool and misty. Tesuque Creek is running high and most of our crossings were sloshes straight through.  Our hike was 9.9 miles long and climbed 1928 feet. It took 5 hours and 11 minutes.

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SK Lund

  1. Tom Morrison says:

    This is one of my favorite loop hikes for the spring. It starts on the Hyde Park road about 1/2 mile up from 10,000 Waves where the Little Tesuque crosses the road. The trail leads to the Big Tesuque Creek where we will catch the Windsor Trail, From here we will follow the creek up stream for several miles. There are a number of stream crossings and we should expect high stream flows. The crossings should not pose much of a problem. We will turn off on to the Chamiza Trail which we will take to the ridge line. We will then take a trail which follows the ridge line back to where we started. Elevations range from about 7,200 to about 8,500 feet.

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