Membership is pretty open. However if we are not familiar with you. we may communicate with you about your outdoor experience before you go on one of our outings. We have a fair number of guests  and they  frequently become members. If you are a member and want to bring a guest, let us know and vouch for their abilities.  The only hassle is that they may get bumped if enough members sign on. That rarely happens. Well behaved dogs are welcome by default as long as there is room but let us know if you want to bring your dog.  If they are not allowed it will say so in the trip description.

Note: if you are a full member of SWEL Meetup, you can go on co-listed trips with that organization. They are located here:



  1. Register for membership. You can use any name(s) you want but it helps us if we can identify you. If we can’t,  you may be asked to provide more information before your first outing.

  2. Check your email. You will receive an approval notice. Click it to activate your membership. You can now login. You can remove your membership at any time. It’s good to let us know at the same time so that we can remove you from the email list. If you don’t receive the activation email. Check your SPAM folder.




Upcoming events are listed in the home page.  All events both past and present are listed in the  Event Calendar.  To comment on, sign on for, or remove your sign on, click the event on the home page of this website  and make a comment. You can also add or remove your name from the event listed in the calendar. Lastly you can email us if needed.


The link for the event calendar is in every post, page,  and top menu. Use it to keep posted on what’s happening.

Event Calendar


You can use the contact form, post comment, or email. 



This is a secure site and your personal information will not be shared outside of it. The site is indexed in Google and other search engines but not user specific information other than post comments. Anything that requires a login to access is not indexed. We added an SSL certificate in December 2017, so all traffic is encrypted. The site is fire walled, has anti-SPAM mechanisms in place, and is scanned for malware once a week.

SK Lund